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Why People Unfollow Brands: Irrelevant Content and Too Much Posting Top the List


Large follower or fan page “Like” counts can provide a nice ego boost and signal to others that your brand is a player to be reckoned with. However, a new study reveals why people unfollow brands and shows that too much attention on getting followers, and not enough on catering to them once they subscribe, can hurt sales—flushing all the time and money spent on garnering fans down the drain.

One-Third of Users Stop Following Brands

In its “Life on Demand Research Series: 2012 Wave 2” report, which surveyed nearly 2,000 social networking users, marketing agency Performics reveals that there is a significant turnover in brand followers, with 32 percent of those surveyed admitting they have “unliked” or “unfollowed” a brand.

The biggest reason why people unfollow a brand is simply irrelevant content. Nearly half of those surveyed will disengage from a brand on social media sites because the content it posts has nothing to do with their interests. The next biggest reason was too many updates or posts, with 38 percent citing this as a factor for abandoning a brand’s feeds. Following close behind was a lack of special offers, such as discounts or coupons, at 30 percent.

Other illuminating facts of interest to content marketers from the survey include the following: Facebook still dominates social networks, with 95 percent of woman and 90 percent of men stating they had an account on the social media giant. The second place spot for both sexes goes not to Twitter or Google Plus, but rather to YouTube. Not surprisingly, women lead in Pinterest usage, while more men than women have accounts on LinkedIn.

These numbers are important to enable marketers to focus their social media efforts on sites where they are most likely to get, and retain, followers based on their demographic and planned content type.

Social Media Marketing: “Winging It” Doesn’t Work

The takeaway for content marketers is that social media is not simply a place to generate random posts. Timing and the type of content matter. Posting things relevant to your demographic on the appropriate channel, as well as offering something of real monetary value, such as a special discount, are necessary in order to retain followers and convert their engagement into revenue.

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