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Why We Never Hired a Social Media Marketer


Sometimes when I’m in a meeting at work, or driving to a weekend escape from the city with my wife and our bicycles, or boiling chewy homemade pasta on the stovetop, it hits me just how many great memories I must have ruined for my parents. Today, I can still step behind my seven-year-old eyes staring at the matte casing of a 35mm camera they owned, knowing that the little door should remain closed, and opening it anyway. Exposed film turns cherished moments into shadows and darkness.

Oh well. Kids will be kids.

Squirrel Photographer - Social Media Management MetaphorToday, film photography is kitsch, and you could hand a DSLR camera to a toddler or even a squirrel photographer and get a decent picture. The same can be said of social media management; it’s child’s play.

I mean no offense, but the social media manager went extinct long before Hootsuite’s CEO Ryan Holmes found their fossilized remains and wrote a scientific journal article on the matter. Social media management specialists were the victims of their own success. They touted social media platforms as innovators long before the majority of us arrived, coaxing us all aboard social. Well, the majority is here, including my dad who joined Facebook three years ago, on his seventieth birthday.

Social media management is no longer a specialty because in today’s digital marketing environment content rules. People engage with content first and foremost, and even my dad knows how to post pictures that get Likes from his siblings and niblings.

Social Media—It Takes a Village

Social media has become something that we are all responsible for in many ways. Wholesale sharing of business content or employee advocacy on social media is a rising priority for today’s CMO. Almost half of the businesses surveyed by Altimeter Research for a report on “Social Media Education For Employees” indicated that internal social media education was a top social business priority.

Socializing business content internally is a daily activity at Skyword. I would argue that our advanced state of employee advocacy on social media is only possible because of our decision to focus on hiring for content marketing expertise above social media marketing expertise. The only downside of enlisting everyone in the company as a social media marketer is that when the company grows, governance of social media profiles gets messy.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

I challenge you or your LinkedIn company page manager to an experiment. Log in to LinkedIn and audit how many people have admin privileges for that corporate page. At Skyword, we have nine LinkedIn page administrators ranging from marketing team members to executive leadership, to our content services team and HR department.

Missed opportunities can arise when a single person is in charge of social media. For the rest of this article, we’ll walk through how you can optimize your LinkedIn company page no matter which department you’re in.

How SEO Marketers Should Optimize LinkedIn Company Pages

It’s 2015 and old SEO still works great. So why not stuff some keywords and links into your LinkedIn profile?

All jokes aside, the important work of optimizing a LinkedIn Page for search should be the job of the SEO. A well-described LinkedIn Page will show up on SERPs for branded search terms, helping with both branding and reputation management for your company.

And I wasn’t kidding about including a link back to your website from your LinkedIn company description. Do it!

How Product Marketers Should Optimize LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn offers subcategory pages called Showcase Pages. These are just like company pages, but they are nested beneath the parent company page. LinkedIn Showcase Pages are crucial for multi-division or multi-product companies because they provide a natural habitat for different business divisions and sub-brands or products. Product Marketers should build these pages and promote their content there.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages - Taking Advantage of LinkedIn SEO and Organization

How PR Professionals Should Optimize LinkedIn Company Pages

PR professionals regularly work with executives and thought leaders to promote their ideas across media channels. LinkedIn is now a media platform that allows all members to login and publish their own ideas and content. By suggesting more inspirational content suited for the LinkedIn audience, the PR professional can create another outlet for their businesses’ most influential voices. Once individuals publish stories via their own accounts, then the PR pro can make sure that the company page and company employees engage with those posts.

How HR Professionals Should Optimize LinkedIn Company Pages

Similarly, HR professionals can benefit from the publishing power now in the hands of the many company employees. Authenticity rules in social business and in recruiting too. Suggesting posts about life at the company, and then engaging with those posts from the company page is a great way to present employee-generated content to LinkedIn job seekers.

How Demand Generation Marketers Should Optimize LinkedIn Company Pages

Since LinkedIn acquired SlideShare, the platform has been integrated effectively, and the SlideShare presentation repository has become a big source of new leads for demand-gen marketers. In order to have your presentations found natively in SlideShare, it’s recommended to write long and keyword-rich descriptions for presentations, and also make sure to tag them with additional keywords. Often these presentations are a hit with LinkedIn audiences due to their educational value. Presentations can be gated with lead generation forms anywhere along the presentation content.

While some of these tactics are advanced, they still don’t necessarily fall within the realm of the social media manager. They’re content-driven tactics to be sure, and so a content marketer best supports them.

Most of these tactics can and should be adapted for other social media platforms. The practice of social media management has become about scaling these successful content ideas and engagement tactics across a growing array of platforms. So while at our company it once took a village to produce social content and drive social engagement, today, we’re almost ready for a social media specialist to lead our growing village into new social platforms and new social content territory.

Want to learn from one of the best? Check out Skyword’s webinar, Top Tips for Mastering The Art of Social Media with Guy Kawasaki.

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