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Why You Can’t Have Great Content without an Editorial Calendar and Workflow


As a Platform Evangelist at Skyword, I help our newest clients on our content marketing platform. In the past year, I’ve successfully launched countless new clients, and I feel that when it comes to content marketing, I have seen it all.

One part of being a Platform Evangelist that never gets old is seeing the faces of our newest clients light up when I explain how Skyword replaces all the content marketing processes they’ve had and puts them in one convenient interface that is accessible from anywhere. A personal favorite is showing them how our editorial calendar works to streamline the review and approval process and bring together different teams.

Most clients appreciate that how simple this all is, but most of them don’t fully grasp what a huge boost it will give their entire content process—that is, until they get a chance to try it out for themselves.

Why Spreadsheets Don’t Cut it for Scaling Content Creation

Editorial calendars are a passion of mine because I’ve seen how painfully complex they can be for my clients. When I ask the majority of new clients how they are managing their editorial calendars, I receive a combination of spreadsheets, emails, Word documents, Post-It notes, old-fashioned pen and paper, and every once in a while, a blank stare. When I hear how a calendar is currently being managed, I can’t help but get giddy when I explain why the Skyword editorial calendar is going to greatly improve their internal processes without much of a learning process.

Before they start using our platform, here are some of the problems these clients were dealing with:

  • Having content submissions and publishing information scattered in various locations, instead of keeping it all in one place and accessible to everyone
  • Out-of-date and hard-to-follow spreadsheets with multiple versions
  • Lost or inaccessible documents
  • Hours of time spent manually managing calendars

Start with a Calendar, then Think Workflow

In most companies, there are so many moving pieces that it seems impossible for everyone to be in the loop. To keep everyone on the same page, there needs to be one destination for everyone to quickly check on the status of content. For example, one of my financial services clients successfully onboarded their compliance department to Skyword. Now that compliance is part of the process, a significant bottleneck has been removed, everyone is on the same page, and content is being produced at a far greater speed than ever before. I’ve also seen art departments, social media teams, and other stakeholders successfully use Skyword’s editorial calendar to streamline their process.

Using Skyword’s content calendar, a user can find the content he or she is interested in, see when it’s due to be submitted by the writer, see who needs to review it next, and see when it is scheduled to be published. Marketers can then easily follow up on a piece of content to make sure it is completed on time, or even drag and drop it to a new date to ensure it has enough time to go through the editing process.

From breaking news desks to high-volume publishers, every single company creating content today needs an editorial calendar. The strategic tools keep different internal departments accountable for the content creation and publishing process. If you see that content always hits a bottleneck in the SEO review process, teams can either adjust the workflow to give that person more time to work, or they can proactively reach out to better understand why assets get backlogged in that stage.

This allows brands to better plan their content strategies, leading to a more consistent publishing process. Without an interactive calendar that also takes workflow into account, brand marketers would inevitably get stuck in their spreadsheets with no clear idea why and how their editorial programs are hitting huge roadblocks.

If pressed, I would admit that the single most important part of managing a content marketing program is a solid content calendar that different teams can access. So, ask yourself, what does your editorial calendar look like? Do you have the right tools and technology in place to streamline and scale your content marketing strategy? Contact Skyword today to request a demo.

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