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Why Your Mobile Content Strategy Should Include Micro-Moments

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I’m on a street corner outside of a nondescript office building. It’s overcast, I’m in a city I’ve never been in before, and I have exactly one hour to grab food before my client meeting. I look at my phone and desperately search for the highest rated sandwich in my vicinity. The highest-rated, non-messy sandwich.


Or maybe I’m in an independent bookstore, proud of myself for shopping locally for my niece’s birthday, when I see the perfect picture book. And then I look at the price tag and gasp. I fish out my phone and check Amazon just to make sure it’s not being sold for half the price.


Think with Google Micro-Moments StudyAccording to Google, we all create more than a billion of stories like these every day, whether it’s searching for home prices as you walk down a beautiful street or for a nearby hair stylist to give you a trim in the hours before a wedding. During these moments, when you are primed for action and you look at your phone, you are target number one for marketers. These fleeting moments, appropriately called micro-moments, are incredibly powerful for brands. It’s in these flashes that you are at your most vulnerable. You don’t have brand loyalty, you just have something you need, and you want it from whichever brand is going to give it to you the easiest and the fastest.

Most importantly, you’re often willing to pay for that convenience.

Today’s consumer is the least loyal that business has ever seen. According to a recent Think with Google study, 90 percent of smartphone users are not absolutely certain of the specific brand they want to buy when they begin looking for information online. This makes category-relevant micro-moments in search extremely important to converting visitors and driving revenue; however, brands are missing out on this “share of intent,” especially on mobile. How do you insert yourself in these micro-moments, for e-commerce success?

The Harvard Business Review Analytics Services Report, Micro-Moments and the Shopper’s Journey, points to four things that consumers want in a micro-moment: They want to know, go, buy, or do. Here are some simple steps to help your mobile strategy satisfy those desires:

Think with Google Micro-Moments StudyKnowledge Is Power in Your Mobile Content Strategy

Nintey-one percent of smartphone users turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task, and it’s crucial that your content and your expertise appear first and load quickly. The name of the game is urgency.

If someone is on their mobile device conducting a search, it’s because they want to know something right then and there. This is where you step in. Mobile content optimization is simply keeping in mind that mobile users are going to click on the first thing that appears.

Think your site is already mobile-optimized? Check here. If you failed, be sure to follow Google’s recommendations for a mobile-optimized site so that it loads quickly and doesn’t confuse the consumer’s clicks with strange formatting or slow ads.

Optimizing for the Mobile User

Smartphones inherently imply transportation (otherwise folks would use their computers). Take advantage of this! What are some of the questions you ask when you’re traveling?

  • “What are some great BBQ restaurants in Durham, NC?”
  • “How do I remove BBQ stains?”
  • “Where do I buy ties in Durham?”

Clearly the point at which you want to step into this conversation depends entirely on your business. If you sell stain remover it’s a little easier to slip into this particular scenario, but there are also plenty of more serious conversations going on. Business travelers might be searching for ways to increase ROI, how to better track analytics, or be checking out potential software to solve marketing automation issues.

The point is to determine at what point your potential customers would find themselves in a micro-moment that involves you. And make sure your mobile content optimization puts you there. How? Get creative. Use geo-location targeted ads to narrow down to cities where you know potential clients will be at a conference. Target a potential client by taking advantage of their ego by purchasing Google AdWords that target the President of Marketing’s name and you can be right there when they decide to Google themselves.

The important thing is to think about when your clients are experiencing micro-moments and position yourself so that you are there when they’re making on-the-fly decisions.

Including Micro-Moments in Your Mobile Content Strategy

Consumers hitting you via mobile are ready to act, and that often involves a purchase or a major decision that can lead to one. We’re assuming that you’re talking to an incredibly interested consumer who is on the go. They don’t have time to analyze all their options, so make it simple for them with a clear, mobile-optimized call-to-action that can help you both out.

If it’s a purchase, make the transaction as smooth as possible. If it’s a larger decision that you know won’t be decided in an Uber on the way to the airport, offer an easy way to request more information by inputting an email address.

When will your clients be searching that could lead them to you? And how do you get in front of those moments? With the amount that mobile use is overlapping with computers (and in many cases, overtaking) it would be sheer folly to let your marketing ignore one of the most potentially powerful methods to influence customers. A good mobile content strategy requires hard work, but it’s work that can pay back ten-fold.

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