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A Backstage Pass for Skywriters to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

Two of’s very own Skywriters attended Sunday’s 63rd Primetime Emmys award show. It was a first-time experience for both writers and needless to say, a rewarding and memorable one.

heather_annSkywriters Ann Arntsen and Heather McTear created exclusive content live from the Nokia Theater Media Room.

During TV’s biggest night, not only did they have the unique opportunity to work on location, but they also had the chance to talk to some of Hollywood’s biggest television stars. It was a fast-paced environment and even an overwhelming one at times. But both writers kept their cool and produced exceptional content for Skyword!

We asked Ann and Heather to share their behind-the-scenes experience with us. Here’s what they had to say:

1.) What was it like working from the Nokia Theater Media Room?

Ann: Great. We didn’t get to leave that part of the building once the event got started, but we still got to see the celebrities as they came in with their Emmy awards to answer questions from the press. had great seats in the second row of the media room.

Heather: Working from the Nokia Theater Media Room was incredible. Ann and I both were thrilled (a little shocked, too) that we were seated in the second row from the front. At one point, I looked around and saw all the media people working away, and I have to say I was taken back by the whole thing. The set-up for us was amazing. Food and beverages–really anything you could want. We were spoiled! Loved it.

2.) Would you consider the Emmys a learning experience? If so, what did you take away from the event as an entertainment writer?

Ann: It was a HUGE learning experience. I felt a little bit like a fish out of water when I fir st got there, but observed what everyone was doing…listened and learned. I learned that it’s good to be prepared, because things sometimes happen really fast! And you have to be ready at any given moment to copy down that quote, get that photo, listen carefully to get names and titles written down correctly.

Heather: The Emmys was a learning experience, from start to finish. I’ll take away from the experience that the opportunities are there and when you take them, the payoff is so much more than you could imagine. Just facing those nervous moments, or doubts, and wondering, “What was I thinking?” And then you walk away from it literally feeling like you’re walking on air. Incredible.

kate winslet3.) Who were you most excited to see at the Emmys?

Ann: Wow…Martin Scorsese and Kate Winslet both had me a little starstruck. Guy Pearce also…and Melissa McCarthy.

Heather: Martin Scorsese. All the others were fantastic. Kate Winslet had the most “star appeal,” in terms of energy. When she walked in the room, you felt the energy, and you were in the presence of a star. But Martin, for me, is a genius–an American legend in directing. That was surreal, being in the same room and then face to face with “Marty.” Wow.

4.) What was the most memorable moment of the night for you?

Ann: Apart from accidentally walking on to the red carpet in the middle of an interview, then later in the evening accidentally unplugging an internet cable for the writers on our table…! I guess seeing the celebrities come in to the media room to answer questions was a big highlight.

Heather: The most memorable moment was asking Kate Winslet the question during the press conference about whether or not she thought she’d have as long and as successful a career when she started out in acting. Getting her attention with the microphone, asking the question, and then having her look at me as she answered, I told Ann, I had no idea what she was saying. I just smiled and thought,”Kate Winslet!”

5.) Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Ann: It was an amazing experience…and next time, I’ll wear more comfortable shoes!

Heather: Working with Ann was the best. She’s so sweet and funny. From the moment I met her, she is just an amazing person. I told her at the end of the night that I can’t imagine sitting there all day and evening on my own. Having someone else from Gather there was absolutely a boost. Having Ann was just a treat! Thanks to Liz, and Gather, for truly one of the most memorable events of my writing life.


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