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Guiding Values at the Core of Skyword

Early this year Skyword employees met in Boston for a week of strategic planning. The first priority on the agenda was to determine the values of Skyword. You may wonder why, in a busy company, we’d lead off our business planning with a discussion on our values? Values are meant to inform the way we act, treat one another and conduct our business. Our values are core to who we are as individuals; so it was exactly the right topic to begin our business planning week.

By taking the time to listen to what we each shared about our individual values, we collectively crafted values that reflect who we are as a team and how we work together. Through the process we got to know each other better and months later I appreciate my co-workers on a deeper level then I would have otherwise.

We consider writers, partners, stakeholders and shareholders all part of the extended Skyword team, therefore, it’s important to us that you know the values that guide us. They are reflected in all we do from setting policies to enhancing the writing platform.

At Skyword:

We Respect – We treat others as we would be treated.

We Work Smart – We utilize our time and resources efficiently and effectively.

We Stick Together – We work as one team, bringing out the best in ourselves and one another.

We Innovate – We embrace creativity, curiosity and taking risks.

From these core values, we’re creating a company that offers employees and Skywriters rewarding opportunities as we meet clients’ business needs. We hope you’ll adopt these values as your own when you interact with the Skyword team. We look forward to long-term rewarding relationships with all of you.


MaryAnne Flynn
VP Writer Services

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