How to Get More Freelance Writing Work with a Skyword Portfolio
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How to Get More Freelance Writing Work with a Skyword Portfolio

For writers, the freelance field has never been more competitive. More and more, content marketers are looking for writers with specific expertise that fits their content strategy. As Skyword’s manager of contributor recruitment, writers often ask me, “How can I get more writing opportunities with my Skyword portfolio?” I have to convey to them that there is no magic formula. Oftentimes, landing the job depends on being in the right place at the right time with the right skill set. But with focus, writers can expertly craft a personal brand identity that is optimized and compelling enough to actively attract clients.

Nurture Your Online Presence

woman looking for a job concept on blue backgroundPersonal brand is crucial when the majority of the application and work process is being done online. The nature of the Internet means your online presence represents your résumé. Gone are the days of simply submitting a CV and cover letter; social profiles, personal blogs, and websites lend credence to you expertise (or lack thereof) on a particular topic. Beyond creating a personal brand through the aforementioned methods, user-account platforms like Skyword are a great way to highlight and support your experience and expertise.

Skyword works with hundreds of clients who, along with Skyword stakeholders, search the Platform for writers whose portfolios meet specific needs. To optimize your profile for Skyword search, it’s important to know the recruitment process and who is involved.

Understand the Moving Parts

Designing a content marketing strategy and building a team of freelance writers is a collaborative effort between program managers, content strategists, editorial managers, recruiters, and clients. Each player has a different role, with the client often making the final decision. The recruitment team’s role is to build a preliminary list of potential candidates that appear to fit the goals, guidelines, and quality of the program. The list is built from a combination of Skyword portfolios and outside sources like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google, powered by our partner Traackr.

Often, clients look for writers who are active on social media with posts and shares relevant to their subject matter expertise; for this reason, it’s incredibly important that your online presence matches and supports any experience listed in your Skyword portfolio. Once the preliminary list is built, editorial managers, program managers, and content strategists review the candidates using their deep understanding of the clients’ brand guidelines and goals. After the list is refined, it is sent to the client for final review and feedback.

A standout Skyword portfolio has three things:

1. A Compelling Bio

You should write up a compelling biography that resembles a cover letter in design. This biography gives stakeholders a glimpse of what they can expect from the rest of your profile and shows your enthusiasm for writing for a particular type of client, such as B2B tech, personal finance, or health care. A common mistake is that writers don’t back up their biography claims with writing samples, which leads us to the second portfolio necessity.

2. Relevant, Complete Writing Samples

Writing samples are the bread and butter of a standout portfolio. In the biography, writers tell us how great they are; the writing samples are the proof. Writing samples should be clear, relevant, and of the highest quality. If you have a stellar biography and writing samples to back them, we’ll move on to check out your social media presence.

3. Social Influence

The thing about a strong content marketing strategy is that it also has a solid social media component. We look for writers who nail their social media presence with relevant content that resonates and reaches a large audience. Showcase your personal brand through social media to articulate and amplify your subject matter expertise. It’s the best way to show you are a thought leader and a potential asset to a company looking to hire writers.

Having a Presence Doesn’t Guarantee You Work

Many writers often think creating a profile with Skyword means they are guaranteed work. However, assignments are like applying to jobs: sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t. Are you actively building your influence and subject-matter expertise? Are you looking for ways to progress in your career? Are you making the right connections, whether online or in person? If you want to work with the world’s best brands, you have to be one of the world’s best writers. As you gain more knowledge and experience, continue to update your biography and profile, Tweet us at @skywriting, or engage with us on Facebook—we’re more likely to work with you in the future.

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