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Insider Tips: Snag a Freelance Writing Job Online in 4 Steps

Have you ever wondered what happens after you’ve clicked the “apply” button to a freelance writing job online? At Skyword, our two Writer Recruiters personally review each application to ensure that writers are a good fit for our clients. If you’re not sure how best to approach your application, read on for tips from the experts and don’t forget to check out our writer resources section.

Grace says, “Choose programs that align with your interests.”

Skyword is growing exponentially; as we add more clients, the writing opportunities grow too. Be sure to check out each client’s background information before applying, and choose writing programs that are in line with your interests. If you enjoy writing about a specific topic, it will make your writing experience and articles that much better!

Juliana says, “Double- and triple-check your writing sample.”

Think about it: You’re applying to be a writer. Your writing counts! The first things I look for in an application are spelling and grammatical errors. If I see those, it’s clear to me that you haven’t taken the assignment seriously, or that it will take our copy editors too long to fix these types of mistakes should we accept you into the program. Do you want to write professionally? Demonstrate that you can write well off the bat.

Grace says, “Provide the right information.”

While providing information on your application is key to sharing insight about yourself, make sure that it’s germane to the position. One thing that I look for is if a writer has experience in a particular field that’s relevant to the program. For instance, do you have professional experience or a degree/certification that qualifies you to write about a certain topic? Providing relevant information gives you an edge over other applicants.

Juliana says, “Show us who you are on social media.”

Adding social media links to your profile not only shows us you have an interest in expanding your writing influence but also makes you look good to our clients; writers who have blogs and Google+ pages dedicated to their work have an automatic boost in appeal. Not to mention, you can link up much more quickly with our current Skywriter community through @Skywriting and our Facebook page if you already have those accounts in place!

Are you ready to find a freelance writing job online? Search for opportunities with Skyword now.

Grace Pasciullo is a health nut and a nature lover, and she works as the Writer Recruitment Manager at Skyword. Follow @Grace_Pasciullo on Twitter.

Juliana Casale is a Writer Recruiter for Skyword as well as a freelance writer for Scoutmob. You can find out more about creating your own career by following her @skywriting on Twitter.

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