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As a writer recruiter, I am constantly in contact with our freelancers and with writers who I hope will work with us. I do a lot of online research to find out what freelancers are looking for, what content platforms we’re up against, and how we can improve what we offer. I rejoice when I read positive Skyword reviews , and I use criticism as a checklist of what we need to work on. This has led us to create several writer resources for our loyal freelancers.

As an English major and avid writer, I fully sympathize with the struggles freelancers share: that there aren’t enough assignments; that payments are low and far between; that it’s difficult to find interesting topics; that there isn’t enough coffee in the world. It’s hard not to empathize when writers say they wish they had more time with their kids or that they had more money to spend on rent.

As a member of a hardworking and dedicated Writer Services team, I get excited when I see questions like “So, where do I find freelance writing opportunities?” or “What are some good article writing companies?” posted online, because it’s an opportunity for me to showcase our strengths: one-on-one attention, quality clients, and topics that writers can relate to.

As a firm believer in what I do for a living, I’m proud to offer you a friendly, welcoming environment where you can build your portfolio, connect with other writers, and get paid fairly for your work.

In return, I ask just one thing: Write Skyword reviews; tell people about us. Do you love your editor? Share. Is your Program Manager amazing? Share. Do you enjoy our social media tutorials? Share! We get feedback all the time from writers telling us they love us (we love you!), but what we need most of all is for you to tell others. When you help other writers succeed with us, you help us succeed, too.

Juliana Casale knew she wanted to be a writer since the first time she got reprimanded for reading at her desk instead of joining the rest of the class at recess. You can connect with her on Twitter @skywriting.

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