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Skyword Study: Add Images to Improve Content Performance

In the 10 months since we announced the launch of Skyword’s content marketing platform and software, our clients have produced tens of thousands of pieces of content for their media and brand sites on our system. Skyword measures the performance of their content down to the individual article level, allowing our partners to analyze and optimize that performance over time. As a result, we sit on top of a rich data set that, taken in aggregate, allows us to identify specific content characteristics that measurably improve how content performs in both search and social.

We plan to use the Skyword blog to share our findings with our clients and agency partners (as well as those really smart folks out there who are thinking about working with us).

Today’s key finding: embedding relevant images in content meaningfully improve content performance, but that improvement varies significantly by content vertical. In fact:

  • Content containing related images performed better across all content categories, in all months tested
  • On average, total views increased by 94 percent if a published article contained a relevant photograph or infographic when compared to articles without an image in the same category
  • Certain categories, like news, politics, and sports, benefit more than others, such as entertainment, where image libraries are frequently duplicated across the web
  • Search optimizing image captions and metadata further enhanced performance


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