TrackMaven by Skyword Webinar: Demystifying Instagram Success

Wednesday, October 23, 2019   Videos

What’s the average follower growth you should be aiming for? What kinds of stories receive the highest engagement? What’s an acceptable story exit rate? Want to know the secret to their success? In this webinar, we’ll also preview how you can monitor audience growth, post and story engagement, and story exit rate without screenshotting posts

Data as Content: How to Use Original Research as an Engaging (Not Boring!) New Form of Storytelling

Tuesday, October 22, 2019   Videos

Think research is just for consulting firms publishing about wonky topics like supply chain optimization and global insurance trends? Think again! We’re going to reimagine what’s possible for marketers interested in publishing original research. Clare McDermott, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Mantis Research will cover research basics such as the four primary types of

How to Win Over Today’s Shoppers During the “Retail Apocalypse”


Are we facing the Great Retail Apocalypse? Recent headlines touting store closures and the “Amazon effect” lead us to believe the answer is yes. But retail isn’t dying. Retail is changing. And in this transition period, the brands that take advantage of change are the ones that are thriving while others flail. Watch this session