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Is a Content Marketing Platform in the Works at LinkedIn?


LinkedIn recently announced it has surpassed the 300 million monthly active user mark, drawing in an audience spread across more than 200 countries and territories. As the social media company looks to diversify its appeal to clients and partners, brands may see the website transition from a networking site to more of a content marketing platform solution.

In a recent interview, Sarah Vizard of Marketing Week pressed Penry Prince, LinkedIn’s vice president of sales, about how he sees the future of LinkedIn panning out in the content marketing space. As of July 2013, LinkedIn had already launched its new native ad content product “Sponsored Updates,” which allows brands to develop a social network marketing strategy geared entirely toward a LinkedIn-focused audience.

However, according to Price, LinkedIn may be moving more aggressively toward launching a content marketing platform or service offering for its clients and partners.

“We want to build out an ecosystem so partners can work with us and build tools that help brands be more productive on the platform,” Price told Marketing Week. “That has existed with search and other platforms, and we are just starting to see this interest with LinkedIn. It has happened much more with the content marketing story; other businesses see this as an opportunity for them to grow.”

This new push to create a collaborative space for LinkedIn clients comes at a time when investors are lining up to funnel money into content marketing technology startups. In fact, a LinkedIn-specific platform may be just what the company needs to offer a stronger social network marketing solution to its clients.

A report from Shareaholic measuring engagement across social networks between September 2013 and February 2014 found that the average LinkedIn user spends approximately 133.10 seconds on the site per visit, navigates to 2.23 pages per engagement, and bounces only 51 percent of the time. Though it is obvious that LinkedIn’s audience is already there and active, it is unclear whether brands would develop too narrow of a content marketing strategy by investing so heavily in a content marketing platform provided by LinkedIn.

Still, today, Americans make nearly 6 billion searches on Google alone every day, making it harder for social businesses such as LinkedIn to develop an attractive marketing solution geared only toward social audiences.

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