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Movies in Your Customer’s Minds: Video Marketing Trends, Take 10

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I won’t do it. I won’t watch that cat-riding-a-tricycle video. Nope, not gonna.

Okay, just a peek:

Alright, maybe I’m a sucker for kitty videos—but, in my defense, there are millions of open eyeballs now blinking for immersive visual experiences that tell stories in engaging and powerful ways. As marketing trends go, video is huge. And in 2017, it’s about to get a whole lot bigger.

If you’re the VP of marketing at your enterprise, you probably already know that video marketing is a scorching marketing trend. If you’re that same exec that’s only dabbled in video for your firm, you’ll know that your lost sales are the thing that’s getting torched.

Now that video—even live video—is on phones, tablets, in cars, and planes (and yes, the implants will come), it’s hard to escape. And most people don’t want to. If you’re looking to bolster your next pitch to the C suite and prove that your company needs to dial up the dollars for video, let’s visit 10 trends that prove investing in video marketing is a strong bet for 2017 margins.

1. Video Content Is Taking Over

Some pundits predict that within just a couple of years, 80 percent of online content will be video. As all proof necessitates pudding, let’s serve up some video that talks about the conversion power of all that video:

And just to get chatty, Snapchat has a mere 10 billion video views daily. If video isn’t a marketing trend, I’m a tricycle-riding kitten. And let’s not say that Instagram stole Snapchat’s idea; let’s just say that its Instagram Stories are an homage.

2. Video Consumers Clean Their Plates

In a 2016 HubSpot survey, users said their overall content consumption was up. What was the content they consumed most thoroughly? Video. We all want to see the end of the movie. Forbes asserted that 65 percent of video viewers visited a vendor’s website after watching a video. As far as marketing trends go, that’s a mother.


3. It’s Reducing Bounce Rates

We all know that people, like fruit flies, can be a bit fickle regarding their attention spans. Savvy marketers are now pinning them to their seats right when they arrive. Landing page videos are proving a captivating way to hold tight to a potential customer right at the site door.

4. Your Audience Trusts YouTube . . .

Do you remember Walter Cronkite? Way before the advent of fake news, Cronkite, from his post at CBS News, was known as the “most trusted man in America.” Apparently YouTube has assumed that position among today’s youth: 4 in 10 millennials said they only trust YouTube for causes they care about.

5. . . . And They’d Rather Watch Live Video Than Read

Your brand might be pulled up by its britches by this one: 80 percent of brand audiences would “rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82 percent prefer live video from a brand to social posts,” according to Livestream.

6. Brevity Is (Not Necessarily) the Soul of Video Success

Historically, there’s been some evidence that you must get your message (or at least a brand experience) out in the first three seconds of a video. That may make you think of the voice-over at the end of medication commercials that lists every wicked side effect in a maniacally fast voice that’s amped out of its lungs. But perhaps images work more smoothly in the mind.

Luckily, for those videos that are just getting their throats cleared in three seconds, there’s some countervailing evidence that long-form videos have a 95 percent completion rate (and that live video pumps high numbers too). We do hope that there’s no evidence that the longer-form videos are actually putting people to sleep and they are no longer conscious behind the keyboard, while their IP addresses sing merrily along.

7. Put Your Money on Social

Facebook is the mack daddy of social ad spending and for good reason: those gazillions of eyeballs like to share what they’re eyeballing. And what better way to share than on a social network? Twitter’s in this playground as well, and with live video streaming increasingly proving to be a thing, more and more networks are going to host brand-built movies.

8. You Need Staying Power

Audiences, oh fickle beasts, can jump on something and then wander off without a moment’s notice. There are still plenty of people playing Pokémon Go, for example, but the initial excitement has dampened.

When you place your videos, you want that place to have staying power. Or growing power. Just one year into Periscope live broadcasts, the format had 200 million videos and 110 years of video watched every day on iOS and Android.

That’s a growth pattern that parallels how the Macarena zoomed through social circles.

What’s the Macarena?

Photo courtesy of Australian Paralympic Committee

Oh, never mind.

9. You’ve Got to Share

People do like to share and not only about their Tinder swiping—sending videos amongst your peers is definitely hot among marketing trends. Some 2016 Twitter statistics bear this out: videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos and three times more likely than GIFs. This is video marketing moving on its earned-media momentum, rather than having a huffing-and-puffing marketer moving it along.

10. Millennials Love Them

Not to make it all about the millennials, but they’re a desirable demographic. And what do they desire? Well, among many things, movies, apparently. What’s in it for video marketing teams? Eighty percent of millennials consider video content when researching a purchase decision. Who’s buying the popcorn?

Sorry, gotta go: I hear there’s a new cat-driving-a-Tesla video. I can’t miss that.

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