Jonathan Crowl

Jonathan Crowl

Jonathan Crowl specializes in digital marketing and content creation for both B2B and B2C brands, with an emphasis on startups and technology. His past and current clients include B2B brands IBM, LinkedIn, Mad Mobile, Oktopost, BrightSpot, and Waze, as well as B2C brands Porsche, Epson, and PayPal. He lives in Minneapolis.

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Creativity Marketing Transformation

The Social Podcast Success Metrics That Prove ROI, and How to Measure Them

Without advanced analytics tools, defining podcast success metrics gets tricky. Tracking social action is one way marketers can prove a podcast’s value.

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3 Traits of Successful Social Media Video Marketing Efforts in 2019

Social media video marketing already must compensate for shifting platform algorithms to remain competitive and visible. But true ROI lies in the shares.

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