Lauren McMenemy

Lauren McMenemy

Lauren is a storyteller. A journalist by trade, she has worked in agencies, in-house and in the media over her 20-year career. She's worked as an editorial strategist and content creator for some of the world's biggest brands, setting up processes and guidelines, advising on planning, auditing content, building loyal audiences, leading social campaigns, writing blogs and flyers and presentations - pretty much handling the stuff with words. She was born in Australia, has resided in London for the last decade, and writes fiction on the side. You’ll often find her grinning like a fool at a rock concert.

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Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019: Putting a Stamp on Personalization

The top email marketing best practices for 2019 are all about bringing a human touch to the inbox.

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Social Media Algorithms in 2019 Mean Paying to Play. Here’s How Brands Can Still Stand Out

Do social media algorithms in 2019 mean you have to pay to play? Yes and no. With the boost of Groups, brands can still reach consumers organically.

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