Skyword Announces Skyword for Agencies Content Production Platform

Boston, MA, September 6, 2012 -In order to provide agencies around the world with the ability to efficiently produce quality content for their clients, Skyword, the leading content production platform, today announced the launch of Skyword for Agencies. The agency version of the Skyword Platform is designed to streamline and automate the entire content creation and publishing process for agencies managing multiple content programs.

“Agencies constantly need to deliver innovative solutions to their clients in an efficient and measured way,” said Tom Gerace, CEO of Skyword. “With this product, we help agencies offer their clients exceptional content marketing services without the overhead that can result from inefficiencies in writer recruitment and management, content creation, optimization, and approval cycles, as well as publishing and measurement.”

Skyword for Agencies will allow agencies to seamlessly manage content programs for multiple clients; create content optimized for search and social; streamline editorial supervision, tracking and approval; and provide real-time content analytics to help demonstrate measurable value to clients.

“Content marketing is increasingly becoming a critical part of our clients’ overall marketing strategies as more organizations look to content to reach and engage their audiences,” said Alan Osetek, President of Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group company. “To be successful at content marketing, agencies and businesses must have the people, process, and technology to deliver content to their audiences when they seek it. The Skyword Platform provides a comprehensive framework to manage all aspects of writer management, content creation, and publishing.”

Consumers today turn to online search and their social networks to discover new things and find answers to their questions. In the United States alone, there are 18 billion searches each month. When people find information they like or value, they share it with their social connections—36 billion times each month. With recent changes in search engines’ algorithms that reward quality content, organizations must be committed to developing original, quality content over the long-term to perform well in search.

Key features and benefits of Skyword for Agencies include

  • Comprehensive SaaS platform: Agencies can streamline the entire content publishing process from creating and optimizing content for search and social through writer payments and tax reporting.
  • Agency dashboard and workflows to easily manage multiple clients: Agencies can easily track all content projects and clients simultaneously through the Skyword Platform, saving them valuable time and resources.
  • Writer management: Agencies can recruit and manage private writer pools, access writers from Skyword’s pool, or leverage professional publishing relationships that Skyword has formed to deliver the best content creation resources to their clients.
  • Flexible workflows and customization options: Skyword for Agencies offers flexible workflows for individual programs, allowing agencies to easily manage complex client approvals. Skyword for Agencies also offers a wide range of customization options, including a white label client management portal, and multiple language and currency configurations.
  • Built-In optimization tools: Skyword’s SEO Scorecard automatically grades every article based on SEO best practices, offering actionable feedback to writers on specific ways to improve the quality and readability of articles, and requiring articles meet those pre-defined standards before submission.
  • Analytics and reporting: Agencies can maximize performance of the clients’ programs by providing in-depth analytics to their clients and writers in the programs, including keyword performance and recommendations, content performance, and social reach.
  • Searchable writer marketplace to find and recruit writers: Agencies will be able to access of pool of more than 17,000 Skywriter profiles directly from the platform in order to invite writers to their clients’ programs.
  • Ability to segment and protect writers for individual programs: Agencies can easily incorporate their own experienced writers into the program without exposing them to competitive offers.
  • Training and guidance from Skyword’s experienced Content Strategy Group: Skyword will offer its agency partners training and guidance to ensure they fully benefit from the extensive features and functionality of the Skyword Platform.

Skyword for Agencies will be widely available in early fourth quarter 2012. For more information on the product, email

About Skyword:

Skyword is the leading content production platform. The Skyword Platform enables brands, retailers, media companies, and agencies to acquire and engage customers by efficiently producing quality content optimized for search and the social web. Skyword for Agencies is an offshoot of the Skyword Platform designed to meet the specific needs of marketing and advertising agencies that manage content programs for multiple clients. Quality content is essential for reaching and engaging consumers today, but the creation process is messy, inconsistent and immeasurable. The Skyword Platforms make it easy to produce, optimize, and promote content at any scale to create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers. Skyword is a privately held, privately funded company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Investors include Allen & Company, Progress Ventures, Cox Media Group, and American Public Media Group. For more information, visit