Skyword Launches New Platform Enhancements that Help Writers Build their Brands with the World’s Best Brands

BOSTON, MA—May 21, 2014—Skyword, the leading content marketing platform and services provider for producing quality, original content at scale, today launched its latest software release, which enhances journalists’ and professional writers’ abilities to showcase their work with some of the world’s top brands. This release makes it easier for Skyword clients to discover and connect with writers and other content contributors through the Skyword Platform with assignments that align with the content creators’ specific expertise and area of influence. It also provides content contributors with a platform on which they can build their personal brands and work with many of today’s Fortune 1000 companies.

Many of today’s best brands, including IBM, GMC, Purina, Iron Mountain, MasterCard, United Way, and Western Digital, partner with Skyword for a sustainable content creation process to connect with their audiences. As part of this process, companies realize that their customers will no longer tolerate the “hard sell,” and they seek subject matter experts, professional writers, and journalists to communicate authentic perspectives on topics that matter most to their audiences.

“Skyword is unique in the marketplace because in addition to our content marketing software and program management services, we connect enterprise-level companies with quality contributors who can help power their content marketing programs,” said MaryAnne Flynn, vice president of content services at Skyword. “We’re seeing more and more professional writers and journalists who have worked for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, TechCrunch, AdAge, Elle, Mashable, Marie Claire, and more moving into the brand journalism space. They partner with Skyword to be front and center when brands have great assignments that match their expertise.”

“Brand journalism is a natural extension of a journalism career,” said Rebecca Desfosse, a freelance journalist who writes for several Skyword clients. “To have one place where great brands can find you and a platform that streamlines the entire review, editorial, and payment process saves me an incredible amount of time. I can focus on what I love, which is to write.”

The latest update to the Skyword Platform includes the following enhancements:

Redesigned Contributor Registration Process: New contributors can create an account and profile in four simple steps. Contributors can enter their bios, photos, websites, social profiles, Klout scores, content samples, and more. Content samples can be categorized and tagged by topic, format, and language.

Updated Contributor Profiles: Contributors’ profiles have been updated to display the information collected in the redesigned contributor registration process. Social reach, resonance, and influencer scores will be added in the next Skyword release.

Added Writing Portfolios: Contributors can choose to enable a public writing portfolio on the Skyword website to showcase their work within the Skyword Platform and on the Web. The new portfolio will showcase content samples, social networks, website links, and more.

Improved Results in Contributor Search: The information contributors provide in their profiles will be more robust than previously required. That means brands can more easily connect with writers and other content contributors based on subject matter expertise, experience, location, social influence, and published work.

Writers who are interested in showcasing their work with Skyword clients can create their portfolio today through the Skyword Platform.

About Skyword

Skyword delivers everything organizations need to reach and engage their audiences with quality, original content. Quality content is essential for reaching and engaging consumers today, but the creation process can be messy, inconsistent, and immeasurable. The Skyword Platform makes it easy to produce, optimize, and promote content at any scale to create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers. Skyword also provides access to a community of professional writers, and its content strategy and editorial teams help ensure the ongoing success of clients’ content marketing programs. Skyword is a privately held, privately funded company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Investors include Cox Media Group, American Public Media Group, Allen & Company, and Progress Ventures.